Unique as Yu are

  • Branding
  • Motion Design
  • Graphic Design

A new visual identity for Yumanity.

Yumanity is a talent agency based in Milan. Founded by experts in the marketing and artist management sector, it is a bridge between brand’s needs and those of the talents, to build impactful campaigns together.

Starting from a strategic standpoint, we have created a strong naming, capable of clearly conveying the set of values that the brand represents.

In addition to the brand’s manifesto, we have created all the classic visual identity materials, both for digital and print.

The graphic imagery created is clean, without losing modernity, thanks to the combination of 3D elements.

Every brand has its own personality, as well as every talent, influencer or artist, and today finding the right match between the two sides has become increasingly difficult.

That's why Yumanity formulates a different equation every time, combining brand's and talent's values, the result of which always generates cultural value for the target to which it is addressed.

No numbers, nor calculators, it is a sum of values whose objective is to increase the perception of our audience. in the visual identity, this approach translates into the combination of brand and talent values, interspersed with mathematical signs with a glass resembling physical treatment.