DUDE Things aims to build great brands for pre-money and early stage start-ups, by backing them through our main asset, creativity.


Wine in a can? Why not!

Disrupt the wine market, shatter stereotypes and turning everyday wine consumption into a trend. That's why DUDE Things co-founded Quartin with Minuscola, to craft the very first high-quality Italian wine in a can brand.


Subverse the spirits world with best served drinks.

We are what we drink. We got hooked on the idea and ambition of Mr. Dee Still's project: to become the top editorial media in the spirits and drinks world. Through a work-for-equity investment, DUDE Things is partnering up and serving as brand strategy consultant, working together to build the Mr. Dee Still brand over the years.


Advertising sucks, until it doesn’t.

Sucks is the very first project and the heart of DUDE Things, aiming to create a lifestyle, nonsense, brutally honest brand and destroy all the self-reference in the world with irony. It's all about branding and pure creativity that lets DUDEs express themselves freely by building their own brand from scratch.