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When we launched the Italian version of Squid Game in Korean.

트윗 the tweet.

When Squid Game launched in Italy, the Italian version was not available, which caused a bit of a stir among Netflix users. So, when the time came to communicate the arrival of the Italian dubbing, we did it the Korean way.

스팟 the spots.

We created a multi-subject TV campaign, dedicated to three of the most recognizable symbols of the series: Dalgona, Ddakji and Gganbu. All was explained in non-subtitled Korean language, skipping to Italian only at the end of each commercial.

레슨 the lesson.

But we didn't want to impose the Italian dubbing on anyone, so we organized some convenient Korean lessons in collaboration with Jin-Woo Hae, a fictitious director of the Royal Korean Academy. That way, we could help all fans of the original version to learn Korean in an intensive 12-year online course.

결과 the results.


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