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Diablo IV . Diabolica Commedia

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Writing a new chapter of Hell as Dante would.

The gates of hell open once again.

After 11 years, Diablo returns with a new, infernal 4th chapter.

A chapter so intense that we have inconvenienced the most famous visitor of hell to tell its story.

Ventured into hell before any other Diablo player, Dante Alighieri survived to tell the tale.

Thus, the Diabolica Commedia arose.

A book written following Dante’s masterpiece La Divina Commedia but about Diablo's hell.

We involved an unconventional Dante’s expert: rapper Murutubu who wrote the 3 Canti of the book in “Terzine Dantesche”. The illustrations are made following Gustave Doré style by a great Italian tattoo artist, Marco Matarese.

By three they come.

To amplify the Diabolica Commedia in full Diablo style, we needed three adventurers to summon the book in its entirety.

During the month, each gamer would read its chapter Live on Twitch, and finally, a day before launch, the three combined and revealed the full Diabolica Commedia.


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