The Source


July 2035. Italy is governed by the “new influencers” and the country is in the midst of the biggest drought of its history. Everywhere the water has stopped running, in an exceptionally hot summer. Without water, without electricity, and without any apparent solutions for this crisis, people find themselves listening to the only source of news that is still active: The Source, a series B radio program hosted by two underwhelming and mediocre conductors. The show keeps transmitting thanks to a technology rarely used in the past, that allows smartphones to connect to the program even when they run out of battery. Rudy and Daniel, from the radio studios of a Milan that is surprisingly involved in this catastrophic event, find themselves in a situation bigger than themselves. They will face a momentous challenge that will forever overturn their vision of the world.

  • Client

    Gruppo Cap

  • Talent

    Fabrizio Biggio, Massimiliano Loizzi