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Fighting depopulation by putting an entire city up for sale.

AAA: Esino Lario on sale.

In Italy, millions of people live in cities with less than 5,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, these towns are dramatically depopulating. This is why EOLO, an Italian local internet provider, decided to donate 1 million euros every year to support Italy’s smallest cities. But to bring this story to the public, first we had to turn the spotlight on the real issue behind our solution: in partnership with the small town of Esino Lario, we launched a shocking provocation about depopulation. We put Esino Lario on sale.

“Esino Lario non è in vendita: era una trovata pubblicitaria. Ma a fin di bene."

The official statement from the mayor.

And the news was all over the news.

The news was covered by literally every single newspaper in Italy, with additional coverage on national television, on all sorts of programs. When virtually everyone in Italy had heard about Esino’s situation, we announced in a press conference EOLO’s initiative, connecting the Brand to a national conversation.


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