Vatican Girl

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We brought back to life the most famous missing person posters of Italy's most infamous missing person case.

Sometimes silence is the worst crime.

Emanuela Orlandi was 15 when she vanished and was never found. Nobody knows what happened to her, or better, someone may know the truth, but decided not to speak. So we did. To restart the conversation about it, we decided - in collaboration with the Orlandi family - to affix again, all around Rome, the old “Emanuela is missing” posters that her relatives and friends hung up in 1983, but with a twist.

Investigations stuck in 1983…

The new posters are completely unbranded and report new headlines to highlight all the different leads that the investigation followed in those 39 years. Pietro Orlandi’s quote at the end of each poster, reaffirms that the family will never stop looking for Emanuela. They’ll never stop looking for the truth.

…Until they reopened in 2023.

The documentary was a success and brought media attention back to the case. The investigation was reopened.

The series was launched with a main k-art that recalls a famous picture of Emanuela which was used by the family to create some “missing person” posters: the photo appears through the black lines of a censored document in which someone is giving his statement about the case.

Also a secondary k-art was released on Netflix platform, in which Emanuela’s face appears on a map of Rome, as if the truth about her disappearance is still hidden in the roads of the city. The artwork was made in collaboration with Ed Fairburn, a UK illustrator specialised in manipulating paper maps to construct portraiture.