Two and a half glasses of wine

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Italy's first canned wine.

In a world of rules, obligations and prejudices… Quartin was born, the out of pocket wine. The first Italian wine in a tin, Quartin is able to combine in 250 ml (two and a half glasses) the quality of an Italian wine and the convenience of a tin easy to carry and enjoy, far from any formality and without any pretension.

The out of pocket wine.

Its visual identity tells us about a wine which is not afraid of daring, which rejects the classic stereotypes of glass and cork to start a real revolution.

Two and half glasses of wine.

Coming to life through impacting typography that lives in symbiosis with unexpected illustrations with a screen-printed effect: a slingshot shooting grapes, a flaming broken bottle, and a switchblade that springs a corkscrew.

An out-of-place story.

In small wineries there is good wine, that's where the out-of-place wine comes from.

Out-of-place because it has a provenance but not a destination.

Because it is sustainable in material, transportation and storage.

Out-of-place because there is no place, rule or occasion, because to be revolutionary one must be out-of-place.