Today's Classic

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Architecture and Milanese style come together in a unique classic.

Milanese love the classics. They want things that are authentic, not fake. Functional, not frivolous. Personal, not mass. Timeless, not trendy. To support Milan, today and tomorrow, Uniqlo combines a timeless style with innovation, values, and quality. Together this makes Uniqlo’s LifeWear “Today’s Classic”.

We leveraged this concept to engage the Milanese about the opening of Uniqlo’s first store in Italy, using pieces of Milan’s traditional architecture, as a symbol of long-lasting design and culture, and matching them with the personalities of our 7 ambassadors (each, a Milanese staple).

Store Design

The icing on the cake was the involvement of the famous illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli, who decorated the store’s main wall with a 3-floors-high murales inspired by the windows of Milan.

“To portray Milan I choose to draw its windows. Pointly, curved, designed by great architects or completely anonymous, modernist, medieval, with the shades closed or open to the world."