Tear along the dotted line

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That time we carpeted the Capital with accolli.

It’s all about the accolli.

After the success of his graphic novels, Zerocalcare arrives on Netflix with his first animated series, and it’s all about the burdens of everyday life: the “accolli”. To launch it, we teamed up with Zerocalcare himself to make a domination in those places where accolli are the daily bread: stations, bus shelters and commuters places.

An accollo here…

20 different cartoons, all focusing on delays, traffic, weather changes and his beloved Rebibbia.

At Termini Station and all along Rome's metro, Zerocalcare tried to talk about his new series, clashing with the many distractions and worries of everyone there.

An accollo there…

And the same work was also done in print, with Zerocalcare starting to get a bit apprehensive at the idea of having to tell the public about his series by interrupting their reading flow on national press.

Ao! I’m tired of these accolli, what about you guys?