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The day we turned Milan upside down and brought it back to 1986.

One strange night…

For the Italian launch of Stranger Things 4, the most famous 80s TV show of our times, we decided to bring the most iconic 80s city back in time: Milan.

On the night of the 26th of May, we took over the entire Piazza Duomo with an exclusive premiere of the first episode of season 4 that left fans amazed.

And left the Duomo in 1986.

…One stranger day.

On May 27th, Piazza Duomo woke up in 1986. An entire takeover of the square, with brand signs back on Palazzo Carminati’s facade, old yellow taxis and newsstand. All was filled with Stranger Things easter eggs and a touch of Upside Down.

Strange things from 80s Milan.

Along with the square, the people came back to the 80s too.

The “Paninari”, a group obsessed with fashion and American food, made a comeback and brought a special edition of the Paninaro magazine with them!

Stranger things from Hawkins (with love).

And all the way from California, the Rink-O-Mania, the Surfer Boy Pizza and a contaminated bus came through the portal with gadgets, activities and the best 80s hits.

Oh, and we made it stranger even in Rome.

During the Stranger Things 4 debut week, we conquered the Trevi Fountain with a special Netflix billboard.

Rewritten in a Stranger way was a famous quote from Italian movie “Viaggi di nozze”, where Carlo Verdone plays Ivano, who speaks in Roman dialect.

Then, to announce it we realized a crossover content with the actress Claudia Gerini (Ivano’s wife in the movie) and we posted it on Netflix Italia, breaking the internet.


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