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Not all football heroes score goals. Sometimes they grill "salamelle".

Proud Sponsor of Calcio Mangiato.

For a football fan, going to the stadium is a ritual: the noise, the energy, the delicious food, it’s the best way to fully experience football.

But there are some fans who never get the chance to enter the stadium, even though they are outside it every single game.

Those are the paninari, the unsung heroes of football. Until today.

A true celebration (with extra ketchup, please).

To celebrate Mauro, Sofia, Ruggiero and every other paninaro in Italy not only we brought them inside the stadium, but we also showed them on the maxi screen, for all the fans to cheer!

And it doesn’t matter if you weren’t there, their stories also aired on major sports channels.

And while our paninari were enjoying the game…

Three outstanding chefs helped us keep the food trucks rolling (delighting us with super saucy recipes): Ruben from Cucina Con Ruben, Federico Fusca, and Lello from Chef in Camicia.