Red hands premiere

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What do a bartender and a movie director have in common? More than what you may think.

Meet the roster.

Campari Red Hands are a special category of bartenders that have distinguished themselves for their creativity and for the passion they put in their work. To celebrate the Campari Red Hands of 2023 we created a unique event in Milan in which 7 international bartenders put their experiences and skills under the spotlight of the magical the seventh art: the cinema.

To enhance the similarities between Red Hands and movie directors, we asked our Campari bartenders to create 7 cocktails inspired by 7 different iconic movie genres. Then, we asked them to show us all the steps to realize 7 short movies centered around their creations.

Thriller Movie

Directed by David Pytkowski

Romatic Movie

Directed by Giusy Castaldi

Sci-fi Movie

Directed by Rohan Matmary

Horror Movie

Directed by Daniel Estevan

Western Movie

Directed by Dom Carella

Road movie

Directed By Flavia Arroyo

Costume Drama Movie

Directed by LP O'Brien