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Money Makes Money

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Subverting the principles of fundraising with a music video.

Fake it till you make money.

Money makes money: the rich are getting richer by investing in each other's ventures, while they ignore smaller, poor entrepreneurs. That's why we worked with people from Bulambuli, a small rural community in Eastern Uganda who needed urgent investments, to hijack this well known truth by pretending to be filthy rich.

Wakaliwood Studios makes money.

The video was made by Wakaliwood Studios - the “Tarantinos of Uganda” - and featured local artists Byg Ben, MC Yallah and Jora MC.

The song was written in three languages: English, Luganda and Lugisu, the dialect of the community.

Money Makes Money

"The best music video of the year is a fundraising campaign."

Remixes makes money.

Artists from all over the world created their own remixes of the song, turning music in other fundraising channels.

Props also make money, sold on an online shop.


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International publications

25000 $

Raised Enough to help over 200 families grow their business