Lupin Part. 2

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When all eyes were on the football game, we stole the show.

A conflict of interest.

Lupin is ready to come back on June 11th. What he didn't expect is to have a new rival in Italy: the Azzurri football team and their first match of Euro 2021, on the same day. So to steal the attention back, Lupin needs the right target.

The “Divin” plan.

So the thief sent an “anonymous” letter to Baggio’s wife, to announce that Roberto’s jersey wasn’t safe anymore.

But that was only the beginning.

The perfect stage.

It’s game night. All eyes are on the big match. What better moment than this to get the attention of the nation back?

During the half-time break, Lupin revealed his master plan.

Once a gentleman, always a gentleman.

Since Lupin is a gentleman, after reaching his purpose, he returned the stolen jersey to the Baggio Family. Who knows? Maybe Assane is a fan of Roberto too.


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