Los Pollos Hermanos

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That time we opened a world famous fictional fast food, for two days.

What’s on the menu?

To launch the new season of Better Call Saul, the iconic fast food Los Pollos Hermanos landed in Italy with two pop-up restaurants in Milan and Rome. And we invited people to come with an official promo video and two billboards.

How did it happen?

Thousands of people queued to live a unique experience: eat the iconic chicken as if they were directly inside an episode. That led to 12 working hours, more than 20 thousand visitors and 800 kg of fried chicken!

Who you gonna call?

Customers could also talk to the man himself, Gus Fring, as he also made his cell phone number available for calls and text at any time. Those who wrote to Mr. Fring could ask him anything. And more than 30K did.

And when Los Pollos closed…


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