Leggende di strada

  • Commercial


Cheers to 60 years of being street legends.

The streets made us who we are.

Ceres beer debuted in Italy in 1963 and it quickly became the most “street beer” ever.

We celebrated Ceres’ 60th anniversary and what it represents by shining a light on THE undisputed protagonist: the streets. Seen not only as a physical place but also as a metaphor of the path that unites us all, the streets are the journey in which we discover who we are and who we want to be.

Behind the legend.

This translated into a timeless ensemble film, with almost a documentary approach, in which different generations can recognize themselves through sincere scenes. The iconic Ceres' bottle becomes one of the actors, putting all of itself into it (sometimes literally).

All shot on 16mm film and with an editing punctuated by iconic song "Ragazzo di strada" by I Corvi, the spot celebrates all those people who are actually proud of their diversity, as we hear their voices recorded directly on the street.