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A fine bunch of our visual works and posters for different Netflix series throughout the years.

Vatican Girl

The main k-art recalls the famous “missing person” poster of Emanuela as her photo appears through redacted lines of a document. Also a secondary k-art made in collaboration with illustrator Ed Fairburn shows Emanuela’s face onto the map of Rome.


The new season of the most beloved Italian crime series has returned on Netflix with new characters and a story focused on the criminal activities in the capital: Rome.

Suburra 3

Our criminals are ready to play the game for the last time. Now they are powerful, but they lost everything. And in front of the eternal city, they are waiting to find out their destiny.

Suburra 2


This is the story of Santo and his daughter Sofia. A realistic and gritty classic revenge movie, but made in Italy. We were tasked with creating the film's visual identity, key art, title treatment, teaser, trailer and key images for the Netflix platform.

Lo spietato

A gangster comedy set in the sparkling reality of Milano da bere in the 80’s. Playing with the unique style of those years, we studied huge lettering with visible colors, typical of spaghetti-western movies, a genre discovered and became very popular in the 80s.

Alex Schwazer: Running for my Truth

Alex Schwazer had it all: a gold medal, an A-list athlete girlfriend, a first taste of fame and glory. He then lost it all because of doping. In his path to redemption - and the Olympics in Rio - he found in his adversary the best help he could wish for: his new coach Sergio was one of the people who unveiled his crime. Unexpected duo is now fighting against a new accusation of doping and marching towards the same dream: the Tokyo Olympics.


Being invisible is the real super power and to tell the story of a young black boy with the ability to literally disappear, we made a key-art where the union of movement and focus is fundamental.


In Curon, nothing is as it seems. Every place, every face, every element hides something below the surface. A dualism that we represented in the title treatment.

Sulla mia pelle

The striking story of one of the most controversial Italian court cases in recent years: Stefano Cucchi was arrested for a minor crime and mysteriously found dead during his detention.


Baby 3