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How we overshadowed Europe's biggest festival with a parallel festival.

Let the Eliovision begin!

In a moment in which everyone's attention was on Eurovision, Costa decided to steal the show by creating his own parallel festival: the Eliovision.

First night, 12 points to Spain and France.

Eliovision came to life in 10 special slots during the 3 Eurovision live nights. The protagonist is the most eclectic and multi-talented band in Italy: Elio e le Storie Tese.

Second night, 12 points to Finland and the UK.

Each performance was inspired in styling and locations by a European country and hosted in a unique stage: the new Costa flagship.

Grand finale: 12 points to Germany, to Ireland and… to Italy!

Finally, the Eliovision ended during the final night of Eurovision, stealing the show.

And the Eurofans turned into Eliofans.