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That time we launched a restaurant that was also a Black Mirror episode.

You eat, but your followers pay the bill.

To launch the 4th season of Black Mirror, the Netflix series examining the worst consequences of technology on our society, we decided to put the audience into a potential episode of the show.

How? By opening a very unique club in which customers were selected asking one simple question. Do you have 1.000 followers on Instagram?

Then welcome to the Black Future Social Club.

"That night Netflix tried to make us live like in Black Mirror."

And what if you didn’t have enough followers?

People could gain followers on Instagram at the Social Market, a special zone located outside the restaurant. That is… if they were willing to do some disturbing tasks.

In two hours, the future spread when #BFSC became a trending topic on Instagram.

And we also told the event as if it was our very own Black Mirror episode.