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Imagine a future when only one child will be born in all of Italy. That future is now.

A true story from the future.

Despite research showing Italians wanting to have more babies, the country is in the midst of a severe demographic crisis.

The lack of public and workplace policies in support of parenting has resulted in a constant decline in natality. To open the eyes of the country to this dramatic theme and its consequences, Plasmon, a Kraft-Heinz company and Italian leader in baby food for 120 years, decided to confront Italy with its darkest future.

Born in 2050, Adamo is the last baby ever born in Italy: his story was told through an emotional and chilling mockumentary, in which the lines between reality and fiction are blurred.

A dystopian premier to ask decision makers to act.

The campaign has been launched by screening the short film to companies' decision makers challenging them to change Adamo’s story and asking them to show their support by signing a pledge to Adamo and commit to rethinking their parental policies.

Even the newspapers told Adamo’s story.

Year 2050. Adamo, Italy's last baby, is born. The demographic crisis that Italy is facing could lead to unprecedented consequences. For about a decade now birth rates have been at an all-time low, and the country is today at the bottom of the European ranking for new borns. We can still change our future and make it better. But to do it, companies and institutions must do their part, implementing policies and measures to support new parents. See Adamo's story on and find out what we can do together.

The campaign has achieved such resonance that Adamo’s story opened the “General States of Birth”, the most important convention about natality in Italy, in the presence of high-ranking officials, like the Prime Minister and the Pope.

And the Government established a self-discipline code for companies, introducing new corporate standards supporting parenting. Plasmon was the first company to sign it, in the presence of the Prime Minister.

Since then, over 100 companies have joined the code.


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