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We wrote a song to tell kids a super cool fact: this jelly has no jelly!

A catchy tune (and no tuna).

In 2021 Sperlari, an Italian brand specialized in all sorts of sweets, launched a new range of jellies, all created without animal gelatin. Great news for parents, but for kids… boooring. So we decided to tell them in a fun way: a song!

Behind the Sperlari Farm.

We built the set and the animal characters from scratch, animating them later with a stop motion technique. That’s why every character came with movable "joints" and with a set of interchangeable expressions.

This is our jam* (*actually jellies).

We recorded a full edit of the song as well, where we explored all the themes and pluses of our new product (no animal gelatin nor preservatives, recyclable paper packaging, sea & forests preservation), always keeping our joyful tone of voice. The full song was then published on Sperlari's Spotify channel and turned into two radio edits.